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UE4 Rollercoaster demo updated with new features

The visually sublime UE4 Rollercoaster demo has been updated to version 0.2.

UPDATE: Looking for the DK2 version? Click here!

Developer Teddyok has been busy tweaking the track layout, implementing spline physics and more:

-Improved spline physics so the rollercoaster is much smoother around corners
-Added a jump over the lamp
-Added a sideways corkscrew at the end
-Added some new sounds
-Ported code to a UnrealEngine plugin to make it easy to share the tools (more on that in the near future)

That’s not all: the rollercoaster now starts on the floor, and includes a slight dip at the top of the first precipice to better prepare players for the first big drop. The sense of scale is much improved, making the room feel much larger than before, and the improved spline physics is a welcome new addition, smoothing out the jerky movements from the earlier iteration of the demo.

It’s still not perfect, however, as there’s still room for improvement, particularly near the corkscrew when there’s a sudden, sharp corner that jerks the cart sideways. Nevertheless, the sense of immersion is much improved in this new release. With a bit bit more refinement (we’d like to see struts holding up the track and some smoother corners) and some optimisation this is likely to be the best rollercoaster demo for the Rift.

You can download the updated UE4 Rollercoaster here. For more information, visit the Oculus Rift Development forum where Teddy0k is posting updates as he develops the demo.

  • bryanlivingston

    The 0.2 version does not support the DK2. For DK2 support you need the new version 0.3 from!NV5wDD5a!bGw1f1RjB0rLkUuxpFZkB-YVeZaa_EphpherZpxOpRc