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The Wizards coming to Oculus Rift summer 2017

Use hand gestures to cast magic in this VR battle game.

Coming to Steam Early Access this summer, and exclusive to VR platforms, The Wizards sees players defeat foes with powerful magic performed via hand gestures. Today the team at Carbon Studio released a trailer to show off the titles unique gameplay features, which you can check out below:

Designed with the Oculus Rift and Touch controllers in mind, players will be able to weave spells with their hands using motion controllers, providing a completely immersive experience within a magical world; and with the Unreal Engine 4 powering the visuals, the development team hope to build a rich and beautiful fantasy world full.

The game follows a young wizard traveling through time to protect the Realm of Men from destructive enemy forces. During the adventure, players visit different lands and face varying opponents in a high fantasy world. Spell casting in The Wizards is based on the energy of the four elements, and the key to the victory is adapting your tactics to the flow of the battle.

The Wizards introduces Fate Cards – gameplay modifiers that can change game difficulty and reward value to the player’s liking. Fate Cards increase replayability and accessibility, making the game satisfying for both challenge seekers and casual connoisseurs. In the Campaign mode, the player gains access to increasingly powerful spells that require cunning and skills to master.

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