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Sequenced is the first animated interactive series for VR

Apelab is creating the first 360-degree animated series for virtual reality, and it’s coming to the Oculus Rift in 2016.

Back in 2014, a prototype of the “Sequenced” project won the Best in Play Award at the Game Developers Conference. Using the head movements of the player, the storyline changed depending on where the player gazed at critical moments in the story. Now, the developers at Apelab are back with an updated version with more gameplay to discover.

Set in 2065, Sequenced takes place in a world where resources are running out, where borders have collapsed and where humanity is slowly rebuilding itself. Players take on the role of a 13- year old orphan called Raven, who’s grown up in nature and whose DNA predestined her to become a Guardian.

I was fortunate enough to test the latest version of Sequenced, and while it only lasted a few minutes the level of immersion was high. With such a short experience I can only really comment only on the visual aspects, which were distinctive and bold, and unlike any other 360-degree film I’d experienced to date. Additionally, looking in the “right” direction to alter the story works well; although “the right direction” doesn’t fit here completely, because depending on where I looked the story took different paths. The developers have stated that the player will be able to re-play each episode to discover new dialogue and animation, or choose which episode he wants to see next, and that feels like an intuitive and inventive way to prolong the games length.

The first episode of “Sequenced” will be released in 2016 along with the planned release of the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear. You can see some brief footage of the game above, but we hope to bring you more info soon.

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