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Séance: The Unquiet preview released on Steam and Oculus Store

Jumpscares, creepiness and more await in this effective horror experience.

Looking for a new creepy experience for the Rift? Séance: The Unquiet might be just what you’re looking for. A short five-minute preview was released today both in the Oculus Store and on Steam, and it uses a combination of Unreal Engine graphics and motion capture to bring a Séance experience to life. Here’s a quick trailer to give you an idea:

Here’s the full description of the game with a little more detail:

In a house haunted by the past, a family confronts a tragedy not forgotten. You will experience their fate for yourself when you enter the world of Séance: The Unquiet coming in 2017 for the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive virtual-reality headsets from Holospark.

This dramatic new VR experience uses a combination of the Unreal videogame engine and the latest in Hollywood-style performance-capture technology to weave a frightening and intriguing tale that blends cinematic storytelling with subtle interactivity.

Séance is a ghost story full of character, drama, scares, and surprises which uses the immersive power of interactive virtual reality to put you inside the story in a way you won’t forget. You look ready. Let’s begin.