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Radial-G gets fully funded, updated demo coming soon

Radial G Oculus Rift Featured

We’re delighted to reveal that Tammeka Games has managed to fully fund the development of Radial-G.

You might remember the game didn’t quite meet its Kickstarter campaign goal, earlier this year. It was a massive disappointment, not only for the development team but also the tens of thousands of Oculus Rift gamers who’d spent hours, if not days playing through the demo. However, all was not lost, because the team at Tammeka Games quickly managed to get Steam Greenlight, and today announced that anonymous funding partners had graciously agreed to fully fund the rest of the games development.

It’s fantastic news, and means the game will definitely see release late this year on Steam. Here’s a round-up of what you can expect to see in the full release:

  • New environments to race in
  • New tracks to race on
  • New ships to select, offering a range of handling variations
  • Multiple game modes to choose from
  • New track features to make races even more thrilling
  • Multi-player support
  • Public and private multi-player lobbies
  • Wide range of controller support options
  • 2D, VR and 3D Stereoscopic display support – play on monitor, 3DTV or Oculus Rift DK1/DK2

Furthermore, the team are hard at work polishing the existing demo with the following new features:

  • Rift menus! No more struggling with crossed-over 2D GUI before starting the race
  • Virtual keyboard with gamepad support; No more reaching for a keyboard you cannot see!
  • Integrated latest Oculus VR SDK; No more fiddling with settings and faffing about before you launch!
  • Multiple launch executables; One for 2D and ‘extended mode’ to continue supporting the best performance option (currently) and older DK1 headsets, and a dedicated DK2 ‘Direct to Rift’ mode.

You’ll be able to download the updated demo later this month on The Rift Arcade Market. We’ll bring you more details as the come in, and hope in time to bring you a preview of the games new tracks, ships and features.