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Quake 1 Updated With DK2 Support

It might be 20 years old, but Quake has never looked so visceral and real.

That was our instant reaction when trying the game for the first time on our DK2 headset earlier today. Maybe we’re biased. We love Quake. It’s vintage action gaming at its finest. In fact we reviewed Quake 1 for the DK1 headset back in May and found it to be one of the most enjoyable experiences on the Rift. Now, it’s finally available for the DK2 headset (with a couple of caveats) and we couldn’t be happier.

The latest release was posted to the Oculus Developer Forums earlier today, so we quickly loaded it up and recorded the video above. In short, it plays wonderfully. You’ll need to run the game in extended mode, and the default menu doesn’t work in VR, so you’ll need to start or load a game, then pull down the dev console (~ key), and type vr_enabled 1 to enable Oculus Rift support.

The image quality is fantastic. We forgot how dark Quake 1 is, so on the DK2 headset with its true blacks makes this a terrifying experience. The game already supports positional tracking, timewarp, chromatic correction and more, all accessible from the games menu. If we have any niggles it appears that game is slightly zoomed in, and positional tracking lets you lean through walls and objects, but these are small niggles that don’t affect gameplay. If anything this is a remarkably polished first release.

Click here to download the DK2 build for either Mac or PC. Here’s the full change-log that mindabuse posted earlier today:

There is a new VR/HMD menu under the options menu to configure most of the console variables/commands.

Notes about positional tracking: there is a console command ‘vr_reset’ that will reset the “home” position based on your current physical location. The way this is done is different than the Oculus demo for now, but I may make it act that way in the future. Just getting my feet wet with developing this, but wanted to get it out there….

You can bind the vr_reset command to the keyboard or joystick input with:

Code: Select all
bind xxx vr_reset

…replacing ‘xxx’ with your key or JOYx/AUXx input of choice (joysticks with unmapped buttons will print out while playing.

On the topic of joysticks, I’ve added some joy_axis* commands for reassigning move x/y and look x/y. joy_axis_debug 1 will show the axis numbers printed to console, with respect to the deadzone. Look at the values for a clue as to which axis is dominant in order to identify the axis “index number”. This is absolutely developer-centric support, as adding customizable axis support to QUAKE could be a lot of work, and I’m much faster working with getting support tossed in with Cvars…

Code: Select all
joy_axismove_x #
joy_axismove_y #
joy_axislook_x #
joy_axislook_y #
joy_axis_debug 0/1

Also, make sure you enable mouse look in the options menu as it’s tied to the joystick look support. Hacks. :d

I wanted to push this out ASAP and have to take off for a bit. I’ll check in when I get back and see how things are going for anyone who can try things out.

Sincere thanks for the kind works of encouragement and for helping each other out with issues!

  • MarcoGiammetti

    Can’t run the game on DK2, only on my screen, even with the “load on the rift” option. Any Help? I’m on Windows 7 64.

  • MarcoGiammetti Are you running the game in extended mode, where the Rift is setup as the primary monitor? If so, make sure you’re also running the Oculus runtimes in the background.

  • MarcoGiammetti

    theriftarcade Yes, everything in extended, the oculus is the primary monitor, monitor is the second. The DK2 camera turn on, the Dk2 works, but the game is still on the wrong side! 😀

    Will try again! Thanks for the answer and keep up the good work!

  • Fravel257

    Awesome!!… this game has almost perfect 3d, but there are some things that need some tweaks like the menus… and the super shotgun looks super tiny