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Oculus Rift DK2 Supported Games

We’ve spoken to a number of developers working on Oculus Rift games, to uncover every game that supports the DK2 headset.

It’s early days for the Oculus Rift DK2, and this is reflected in the number of issues present in games at the time of writing. Some display directly on the Rift, while others need to be run in extended mode, where the DK2 acts as a second monitor. With the recent release of the SDK 0.4.1, we’re hoping to see an end to these issues, but for now you may need to experiment with settings before a game will run.

So why do we need a separate list of games for the Oculus Rift DK2? Well there’s the obvious difference in hardware, which introduces new requirements and challenges. Developers also need to re-compile their games using the latest Oculus Rift SDK build, which adds support for the DK2.

We’ll update this list as more games are confirmed over the coming days and weeks. If we’ve missed any, then let us by sending us a message via the Contact page.

11/14/20144thFlrStudio-thumb4th Floor StudioWindowsDownload
01/30/20156000 moons thumb6000 MoonsWindowsDownload
10/29/2014Adventure Puzzle Game 01WindowsDownload
08/20/2014AaaaAAaaAAAaaAAAaAAAA!!! for the AwesomeWindowsBuy & Download
10/25/2014A Halloween NightWindowsDownload
10/03/2014A Night at the RoculusWindowsDownload
08/06/2014Adventure VRWindowsDownload
08/13/2014All Birds Must DieWindowsBuy & Download
10/17/2014Assetto CorsaWindowsBuy & download from Steam
09/23/2014Atlantis: Infinite CoasterWindowsDownload
08/06/2014Attack of the GiantessWindowsDownload
08/01/2014Alone at Sea: Kon TikiWindowsDownload
01/30/2015birdy king thumbBirdy King LandWindowsDownload
08/05/2014BLAST BUSTERWindowsDownload
09/25/2014BlockOut RiftWindowsDownload
09/01/2014Bouncer VR ArcadeWindowsDownload
09/25/2014Bubble InfernoWindowsDownload
09/28/2014Café ÂmeWindowsDownload
12/16/2014Celestial SongWindowsDownload
08/02/2014Chilling SpaceWindowsDownload
11/06/2014Christmas EveWindowsDownload
08/04/2014CINEVEOWindowsBuy & Download
10/25/2014Close EncountersWindowsDownload
09/13/2014Crashed LanderWindowsDownload
07/28/2014Crystal RiftWindowsDownload
08/02/2014Cyber Space (theme park ride)WindowsDownload
08/04/2014Darkfield VRWindowsBuy & Download
08/08/2014Der Grosse GottliebWindowsDownload
07/27/2014Digital Combat Simulator (DCS)WindowsDownload
08/25/2014Discover > SpaceWindowsDownload
10/29/2014Discovering > Space (Full)WindowsBuy & Download
07/29/2014Dolphin EmulatorWindowsDownload
08/22/2014Don't Let GO!WindowsDownload
08/24/2014Disc Golf LegendsWindowsDownload
08/22/2014Don't Look Back Chapters 1 & 2WindowsBuy & Download
09/22/2014Dream FlightWindowsDownload
09/11/2014Dreams Before DawnWindowsDownload
08/28/2014Dreadhalls 2WindowsDownload
08/16/2014Duke VR (Duke Nukem 3D)WindowsDownload
07/27/2014Elite: DangerousWindowsBuy Beta & Download
08/04/2014Endless Reach VR WindowsDownload
08/21/2014Enter the TrainWindowsDownload
08/17/2014Estranged: Act 1Windows & MacDownload
07/30/2014Euro Truck Simulator 2Windows/LinuxInstructions
10/29/2014Eve's Moonlight StripWindowsBuy & Download
08/25/2014Faceted FlightWindowsDownload
09/16/2014Fantasy VillageWindowsDownload
07/31/2014First LawWindowsDownload
09/22/2014First TryWindowsDownload
10/15/2014Guided MeditationWindowsDownload
08/15/2014Half Life 2WindowsSteam Link
11/06/2014Hellicott CityWindows, OS X & LinuxDownload
07/30/2014HELIX RollercoasterWindowsDownload
08/02/2014Hell WaltzerWindowsDownload
08/31/2014Horizons Mystery DriverWindowsDownload
07/28/2014Infinity VR Drive-InWindowsBuy & Download
07/31/2014Interleave VRWindowsDownload
01/30/2015Inmind thumbInMind VRWindowsDownload
10/29/2014iRacingWindowsSubscribe & Download
07/28/2014Kokiri ForestWindowsDownload
08/08/2014Lava Inc.WindowsDownload
08/07/2014Live for SpeedWindowsDownload
09/03/2014Lost MansionOS XDownload
08/23/2014Maximum VR MoviesWindowsDownload
10/15/2014The Mental Torment: Episode 1WindowsDownload
08/04/2014Miku Entertainment Sphere StageWindowsDownload
07/28/2014Millennium Falcon ExperienceWindowsDownload
08/04/2014Mining MikeWindowsDownload
08/06/2014Motorsport RevolutionWindowsBuy & Download
08/07/2014Museum of Games 2WindowsDownload
07/26/2014My Neighbor TotoroWindowsDownload
01/30/2015Nighttime Terror ThumbNighttime TerrorWindowsDownload
12/16/2014NoLimits 2WindowsBuy & Download (Steam)
09/25/2014O3DXOS XDownload
07/31/2014Ocean RiftWindowsDownload
08/31/2014Old Town VRWindowsDownload
12/16/2014Project Jump ScareWindowsDownload
07/30/2014Proton PulseWindowsDownload
09/05/2014Qbeh-1: The Atlas CubeWindowsBuy & Download
08/10/2014Quake 1WindowsDownload
08/06/2014Quake 2WindowsDownload
07/25/2014RedOfPaw’s Big Crazy Stupid VR Adventure and American PieWindowsDownload
08/11/2014Riftmax Theater 4DWindowsDownload
08/25/2014Rift's CaveWindowsDownload
09/25/2014RiftCoaster HDWindowsDownload
08/24/2014Room SceneWindowsDownload
08/27/2014Rose: Time ApartWindowsDownload
10/17/2014Second LifeWindows, OS X & LinuxDownload
09/03/2014Senza PesoWindowsDownload
08/06/2014Sightline PrototypeWindowsDownload
08/06/2014SightLine: The ChairWindowsDownload
08/03/2014SkyRoads VRWindowsDownload
08/14/2014Sleeping on UNITY-CHAN's lap! WindowsDownload
07/25/2014Solar System ExplorerWindowsDownload
08/23/2014Space 1999 DemoWindowsSpace 1999 Demo
10/29/2014Space 1999 The VR Experience (Updated)WindowsDownload
07/26/2014Spirited AwayWindowsDownload
10/29/2014Stage Harbor LighthouseWindowsDownload
09/02/2014Star Hill VRWindowsDownload
10/06/2014Storyteller: Fireside TalesWindowsDownload
08/13/2014SUBLEVEL ZEROWindowsDownload
08/04/2014Suwapyon 2WindowsDownload
07/26/2014TechnolustWindowsBuy & Download
11/06/2014Territory Defense (Adrenaline version)WindowsDownload
10/29/2014The Apparition Within The RiftWindowsDownload
08/24/2014The BasementWindowsDownload
07/31/2014The Gate VRWindowsDownload
09/28/2014The Great RiverWindowsDownload
08/29/2014The Little Plane That CouldWindowsDownload
09/23/2014The Midway OasisWindowsDownload
09/22/2014Time RiftersWindowsDownload
09/02/2014The Matrix VRWindowsDownload
08/28/2014The WellWindowsDownload
08/15/2014Titans of SpaceWindowsDownload
10/25/2014Trick or Treat VRWindowsDownload
08/20/2014Tribute to TeslaWindowsDownload
01/30/2015txk thumbTxKWindowsDownload
10/29/2014TRON: Light CyclesWindows, OS X & LinuxDownload
08/13/2014Tuscany DemoWindowsDownload
08/17/2014Unreal Engine 4 DemosWindowsDownload
08/13/2014UE4 RollercoasterWindowsDownload
08/23/2014Uncharted TerritoryWindowsDownload
07/24/2014Vanguard VWindowsDownload
07/25/2014VBjin-OVR (Virtual Boy Emulator)WindowsDownload
12/16/2014Vox Machinae WindowsDownload
09/28/2014ViewPort VR Panoramic ExperienceWindowsDownload
07/29/2014Virtual DesktopWindowsDownload
08/23/2014VR Boat AdventuresWindowsDownload
12/16/2014Waking The GlaresWindowsDownload
09/25/2014Walking MarsWindowsDownload
08/15/2014War ThunderWindowsFree sign-up & download
08/14/2014Warscape Alpha VR WindowsDownload
09/25/2014Welcome to OculusWindowsDownload
08/20/2014World of DivingWindowsBuy & Download

RED is only DK1 available at the moment. RED is DK1 & DK2 ready only for Mac :)


Tell me if I'm exaggerating for posting DK2 ready experiences please..

theriftarcade moderator

@Frankmaster You're a superstar. Keep it up! BTW, we're working on something really exciting. Hopefully it will launch next week...

Peter Lawn
Peter Lawn


You have "World of Diving" down as "Planned"   But it has Rift support and has for quiet some time, Dk2 works well now also.  



Looks like AAAAAAAAAAAAAA for the Awesome is out, but pending Oculus Share approval. Care to check with the devs see if they have a DL yet? That game is awesome!

theriftarcade moderator

@ChrisCourtois Hmm, it's not up on Steam yet. We can load it in 1080p on the DK2, but there's no head-tracking. We'll keep an eye on this though, thanks for the heads-up!


@theriftarcade @ChrisCourtois  Yup... that's full out DK2 support right there! Awesome! It feels and plays great, Direct HMD mode and all. The Steam version just self updated in 2 seconds and runs DK2.


@ChrisCourtois @theriftarcade Unfortunately the update broke DK1 support, as there appears to be a bug in the 4.1 SDK that doesn't render the eyes correctly.  You end up getting a double image.  This behavior can also be seen with the Tuscany Unity demo from 4.1.  Thankfully my DK2 should be here tomorrow!

jayway26 curious/interested in the in the rift...but I have no clue how all this worksor how to download game..i tried to download these but they do not work or will they on demo with the rift ..I have seen videos..will they only demo with the oculus?