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New Fated screenshots released

New screens reveal intriguing details…

Late 2015 we managed to get a hands-on demo with Fated, an upcoming episodic first-person adventure game set within the mythical age of the Vikings. Although brief, the demo was utterly entrancing, with characters that were full of life and a graphical style that really shone in virtual reality. Its use of head-tracking for interaction also felt intuitive. Now the team behind the game at Frima Originals are back with 5 new 4K screens:

Head over to the Fated blog to see the images in their original 4k resolution, but needless to say they demonstrate how the character design continues to shine with expressive faces and body language. Some intriguing details can also be seen, including what appears to be a hunting scene (note the spear at the bottom of the image).

Hopefully we’ll discover more about Fated soon. In the meantime you can discover a wealth of information about localising Fated in the Unreal Engine 4 by reading the blog archive. It’s fascinating stuff for anyone with an interest in games development and audio.

Fated Website