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Minecrift updated with Oculus Rift SDK 0.8 support

There’s an official release coming spring 2016, but until then the Minecrift port is the best way to play Minecraft on the Oculus Rift.

And it’s a fantastic port, enabling full virtual reality support on the Rift headset with few caveats. We’ve played the unofficial port numerous times, and always had a blast; and now, with this latest patch, the game works on Windows 10 and the Oculus SDK 0.8 release. Here’s the change-log from

  • Oculus SDK – now support SDK 0.8 on Windows KUDOS to darkTemp for all his work on this!!
  • NOTE: Currently the number of rendering configuration options for the Rift has been vastly reduced – for now. Positional track timewarp has been implemented but does not seem to be working with the current SDK. Also, world scale is not working with the current SDK. NOTE: R2 does not support Linux or OSX because of these changes. Use 1.7.10 R1c for now on these platforms.
  • Controller map defaults have been added. These should match the Xbox controller defaults (layout one). Controller mappings will now be saved to the profile.
  • Press RCtrl-t in game to test timewarp.
  • Added the ability to use a key to trigger a comfort mode yaw transition, instead of moving the mouse cursor to the edge of the view.
  • Set better defaults on clean install.

Installation instructions:
– Ensure you have run VANILLA Minecraft 1.7.10 at least once before running the Minecrift installer:
– Load the Minecraft launcher via Minecraft.exe.
– In the bottom left select ‘Edit Profile’.
– Select Use version: release 1.7.10.
– Save profile, and hit play to run the game. Quit out.
– Download the Minecrift installer exe from the link above.
– On Windows, run the installer. On linux or osx, run the installer.jar via the commandline with java -jar .jar.
– If you wish to install with Forge, ensure the ‘Install with Forge’ checkbox is ticked.
– Click OK to install.

To Play:
– Run up the Minecraft launcher.
– Select your desired Minecrift profile.
– Click ‘Play’!

If you’ve yet to check out Minecraft on the Rift, then make sure to read our hands-on with the game from 2015. Constructing, exploring and mining comes to life like never before on the Rift, thanks to a great sense of scale, buttery-smooth framerate and use of head tracking to let you really examine the classic blocky landscape up-close.

Download Minecrift