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Lunar Flight updated with Oculus Rift DK2 support

Back in the blurry days of virtual reality when the DK1 ruled the roost, Lunar Flight was one of the best experiences available in VR.

Set on the surfaces of our Moon and Mars, it enables players to complete a series of missions that included transporting cargo, finding survey data and generally having fun rocketing around our nearest planetary neighbour. What makes Lunar Flight so fun is it’s sense of immersion; it genuinely feels like you’re piloting a real Lunar module craft, with a detailed interior and accurate physics engine.

Now the game is back with a fully updated port to the Unity 5 engine, better graphics, an all-new cockpit design and most important of all: Oculus Rift DK2 support. Here’s the full change-log as revealed by the games developer Sean ‘sh0v0r’ Edwards on the Reddit Oculus page:

  • This is THE best DK2 Build of Lunar Flight to date!
  • Now Ported to Unity 5 Native VR (DX11)
  • Direct Mode is now the recommended way to run the game (Extended Not Tested, soon redundant with coming 0.7 Runtime)
  • Physics Sim now runs at 75FPS to match Render Rate (Physics is not interpolated), Feels Super Smooth! NOTE: Old Replay Files will play too fast!
  • Velocity Stretched Particles are now manually managed to prevent sub frame stutters
  • An Oculus Preset GFX setting will be applied by default. Based on my R9 290X, feel free to adjust the settings based on your own hardware.
  • Cockpit Shadows are now working again for the 1st time since the DK1 version!
  • Render Scale is set at 1.25% for a little Super Sampling
  • Weather is set to Clear on Mars pending a better cloud rendering implementation how ever you can change it to a different setting if you want.
  • Rewired Input Manager is implemented but there is no UI yet in VR mode. Stop the Runtime via the Config Utility and run the game in None VR 2D mode to access the new Input Configuration (Saitek HOTAS should work now) Once configure restart the Runtime
  • XBox Controllers and almost any Dual Stick gamepad should work by default.

If you’ve yet to play the game then it’s definitely worth checking out, and best of all it’s currently priced only $10 when bought via Humble Store. You can grab the game for this special price by heading over the Lunar Flight website here.

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