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Korix brings real-time strategy & tower defence to the Oculus Rift

We wish there were more real-time strategy games for the Rift.

Tactera is one, challenging players to overcome a holographic board by capturing spawn points; and now we have Korix, a brand new real-time strategy that combines tower defence aspects to create a fun and challenging VR game.

A free demo of the game was released this week which includes the first 4 levels of the game, while the full version – priced $7.99 – is now available to buy and download. We’ll bring you a full review of the game next week, but in short Korix is definitely worth checking out. It takes places on a miniature holographic table, and enables you to place walls and turrets to prevent enemy units from capturing your base; while the ability to gather resources makes planning and strategy key to winning the battle.

Played from a first person perspective, the minaiture scale of the world lets you lean around the board for a better view of the action, while in-game text appears to hover just inches from your eyes. A Steam Greenlight campaign is live and available to check out here, while the demo is currently available from Oculus Share. If you’re short on VR games right now, then Korix will definitely keep you busy and entertained for a while.

Korix Website  |  Korix Demo  |  Korix on Steam Greenlight

  • RaphaelBaker

    Needs egg box game controller. I don’t have one or like them so end of story.