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Jam along with Alpha Muse in its latest 04a release

What could be better than jamming along to your own beats in virtual reality?

That’s what Alpha Muse offers. It’s an abstract game that tasks players with exploring an ever-expanding audio-reactive universe, collecting energetic musical creatures along the way that add to the beat. Watch the video above to get an idea of how it works.

Current Circus, the developers behind the game, has just released the latest build, numbered 04a. It adds a reticule to Oculus Rift mode, helping to improve navigation via head-tracking, a new pause screen that supports the Rift headset, new visuals, the ability to change the pitch of a song and more. You’ll find all the details at the game’s website here.

Alpha Muse 04a is available now for those that have backed the project (only $10). You can download it from the Members section of the Muse website.


  • Online Multiplayer – Meet other players and share compositions
  • Freeform gameplay – providing players with a unique world to play in and enjoy at whatever level they choose. They can play an adventurer, a musician, or both.
  • Procedural Audio Engine – designed by our in-house powered by professional-grade synthesisers and audio plugins from the award-winning FabFilter
  • Muse Pods – Connection to physical installations during featured events, including VideoDreams and AudioWonders
  • Audio Reactive Environment – visualise your music!
  • Oculus Rift – see the Muse-Verse like you’ve never seen it before
  • Song Bubbles – save and share your music online, or collect songs that other players created.
  • 9 music zones – each zone offering a new audio-visual experience (currently the thematic variation between music zones is mostly musical).
  • Music Charts – Listen to the best songs, or watch your own masterpiece rise to the top
  • Outstanding Concept Art – original concept art by renowned visual artist Andrew ‘Android’ Jones, founding member of Massive Black and famous for his work with Nintendo and Industrial Light and Magic.