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Here’s Life of Rome on the Oculus Rift DK2

Life of Rome Featured

Set in 320AD Rome, this upcoming MMORPG promises to let players live out the life or a Roman or Barbarian.

Today, the first video footage of the game running on an Oculus DK2 was released, showing brief snippets of Roman architecture and characters. Recorded from a first-person perspective, it gives an idea of how the game looks and feels from the eyes of a Roman character. Not shown is the games third-person view which is still in development. Embedded below, the video shows various character designs, including market vendors and soldiers, plus multi-level buildings that the Romans perfected before their civilisation was ripped apart by politics and war.

Life of Rome is far from finished, with gameplay features, storylines and more waiting to be implemented by the Breakout Studio team. When completed you can expect to find a vast MMO split across two factions: the Romans and Barbarians. The in-game world is huge, covering a 50km2 representation of Rome and its surrounding areas, including several small villages and Roman forts, but unlike most MMORPGs, the team is planning to let players in a position of power make political, military and economic decisions that influence the gameplay experience of other players. A realtime day/night cycle is also present, as demonstrated in this YouTube video.

We’ll bring you more details about Life of Rome, including its Oculus Rift implementation, but for now enjoy the video and screenshots on this page.

Life of Rome Oculus Rift Gallery: