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Here are 11 new demos for your Oculus Rift DK2

Oculus Rift DK2 in box

The DK2 demos continue to roll in, with 11 released over the weekend.

We’ve rounded them all up and detailed them on this page. You’ll find ports of classic DK1 demos, beta releases and some classic arcade games. For the very latest games, head over to our constantly-updated Games page, but for now here’s a selection of our favorites:


We’ll bring you a write-up about this shortly, but it appears to be a dizzying blend of rollercoaster action, bob-slay riding and death-defying leaps through the air.

Download Polyrider for DK2


Solar System Explorer

Explore a recreation of our Solar System in this impressively immersive sim. With positional tracking and a 1080p display, the planets have never looked so vivid and detailed in VR.

Download Solar System Explorer


Darkfield VR

Released for backers to test, the latest build of Darkfield VR supports the DK2 headset, but not without a few bugs:

  • Disabled real-time shadows
  • Disabled dynamic position and fov changes
  • No head tracking inside Hangar
  • Disabled Sunshafts
  • Alt-Tab currently results in game crash (this is critical, we’re working on it 🙂 )
  • DirectToRift.exe not working on some configurations, use extended mode instead

Buy and download Darkfield VR


SkyRoads VR

This retro-inspired racing game tasks players with navigating basic course and leaping over gaps. It’s simple but oh-so addicitve.

Download SkyRoads VR


Miku Entertainment Sphere Stage

This virtual arena enables you to share a stage with three anime characters, change the lighting and swap between 16 tracks. It’s bizzare, funny and looks great on the DK2.

Download for Windows
Download for Mac



A VR cinema with themed auditoriums, CINEVEO supports a wide number of video formats, 3D movie support and an innovate hands-free UI.

Download CINEVEO ($10)


Endless Reach VR

A top-down arcade shooter that sees players battling swarms of enemies across 10 action-packed levels. Version 2.1 adds support for the DK2 alongside a number of other tweaks:

  • DK2 support!
  • Force feedback added to 360 gamepad
  • Firing control has been moved to the “A” button
  • Purging control has been moved to the “X” button
  • A UI object has been introduced to prompt the user when to – purge
  • HUD has been modified and relocated
  • FPS counter can now be toggled on and off with the “Left Shoulder” button
  • Movement dead zones have been tightened for a “snappier” feel
  • Full 3D physics have been implemented
  •  Turrets have been relocated, and now rotate erratically in order to be unpredictable.
  • Turret and Boss laser colors have been changed to be more visible
  • A number of visual effects were modified
  • Trail effects have been added to the player’s engines

Download Endless Reach VR


Mining Mike

From Rift Away comes an endless runner game staring Mike, a fellow stuck in a mine kart who needs to jump between multiple tracks, over objects and under obstacles. It’s a fun but short-lived game, but definitely worth a look.

Download Mining Mike


Chilling Space

Another game from Rift Away, this time seeing players float high above the Earth while blasting asteroids to oblivion.

Download Chilling Space


Hell Waltzer

A third DK2-compatible game from Rift Away (these guys have been busy!) Hell Waltzer is a simple recreation of the classic Waltzer ride. It’s not perfect, with some scaling issues, but fun nonetheless.

Download Hell Waltzer


Suwapyon 2

A top-down arcade game with Japanese menus and text (see this Reddit post for instructions on getting the game up and running.)

Download Suwapyon 2