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HELIX Rollercoaster

HELIX is Liseberg Amusement Park’s largest investment to date.

At almost 1.4 km in length, the ride lasts for two minutes and includes seven inversions, three airtime hills and plenty of drops, twists and turns. It also features two launches to keep riders entertained. Needless to say, it’s a roller coaster ride at the forefront of technology and fun, and now it’s been brought to the Oculus Rift, enabling anyone to experience it’s stomach-dropping turns from the comfort of their own homes.

Download HELIX Rollercoaster for DK1  |  Download HELIX Rollercoaster for DK2

Note that the DK1 version includes an in-game calibration tool and living room environment, whereas the DK2 release simply drops players into the roller coaster seat.

Developed by Dutch studio ArchiVision, the team have been creating 3D architectural models and content for more than 19 years. Last year they were gifted a duct-taped Oculus Rift headset by none other than Palmer Luckey himself, and have been developing demos and this roller coaster experience ever since. It’s an impressive achievement, and easily the best coaster demo yet.

Here’s an in-game video of the game in action:

And here you can see a video of the Oculus Rift being worn on the real-life ride here – because, hey, why not?!