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Hands on with VRog on the Oculus Rift DK2

Hop from pond leaf to pond leaf while gobbling insects in the demo of VRog.

We love it when a charming arcade game comes along, especially one that’s designed specially for the Oculus Rift. VRog is just that, putting players in the body of a frog the tasking them with gobbling flying insects in a vivid cartoon world. We recently took the demo for a spin on the DK2 and came away charmed by it’s gameplay and attention to detail.

From the main menu it’s possible to look around to checkout a scoreboard, help-board, mirror (giving you the opportunity to examine your virtual froggy body) and buttons for accessing the game. It’s worth taking a few moments to go through the animated help-board which explains the basics of the game. There are five types of insect — two of which are poisonous — so it’s best to not eat them. If you do the screen goes psychedelic for a few moments, making it nearly impossible to aim and grab other insects out of the sky.

The game only uses head tracking for controls. Aim at an insect and a circular timer animation appears around it. Complete the circle and VRog will shoot out his tongue to catch it. Similarly, if you aim at a pond leaf VRog will leap over to it after a split second. It’s intuitive and easy to pick up, and means you don’t have to fumble around with a controller or keyboard.

We tried the demo both in DirectToRift mode and in extended mode, and found the latter to be more comfortable. At the time of writing there’s a bit of a stutter in direct mode, but in extended mode it’s silky smooth. Visually the game looks crips and colourful on the DK2. The insects whizzing above your head are well animated, and there’s a strong sense of depth to the 3D (try looking at the nose of the frog and you’ll practically have to go cross-eyed!)

The demo only includes an arcade mode, where players can hop from pond leaf to pond leaf while grabbing insects out of the sky, but the full game (coming soon) includes a survival mode where a Stalk chases the player around the pond. We’re looking forward to seeing more levels and gameplay variation in the full version, but for now the demo is a blast to play.

Download VRog demo for DK2