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Hands on with the manic Car Car Crash on the Oculus Rift

A fun and explosive Oculus Rift game

Scalextrics meets Destruction Derby in this interesting concept for a virtual reality game.

The aim of Car Car Crash is simple: try to fit as many cars as possible into a virtual city block to rack up points. There’s one other aim: to crash as many cars as possible into each other. Sounds like the perfect recipe for virtual reality mayhem, but a little polish is needed before the game could be considered a real gem.

The entire game plays out on three virtual table tops, each with a miniature version of a city block that’s under your control. Somewhere in the city is a giant blue button. Press the button and a miniature car rolls onto the city streets before automatically following the route ahead; and yes, it’s possible to spam the button to launch dozens, if not hundreds of cars at once. Controlling the route cars take is easy, just look at a road junction and then click the mouse button to instantly rotate it by 90 degrees. By finding the lengthiest route around the city block you can manage to cram dozens upon dozens of cars on the streets, and then with the click of your mouse button cause absolute mayhem by crashing them into each other. It takes careful planning, but it’s a fun gameplay mechanic.

To keep things interesting the game drops occasional power-ups onto the streets. The first awards an additional 10,000 points, the second enables a double-points period and the third (called Road Rage Period) accelerates a car through the streets, destroying any other vehicles that it happens across whilst also handing out additional points. A police car might also appear on the city streets. It doesn’t destroy any cars that it sees but after a brief period it stops dead and sets up a road block, which yes, destroys any cars that happen to crash into it.

Car Car Crash is presented from a first-person perspective, and enables the player to wander around the table for a better look at the virtual city streets below. It gives the impression of controlling your very own Scalextrics set, but one that’s filled with fiery explosions and action.  Graphically this is a simple-looking game, but its use of bold colors and simple geometry come together to form an attractive, cohesive look. It also runs at at a full 75 frames-per-second on all but the slowest PCs.  The music can quickly get repetitive, however. Best turn the volume down if you’re planning on playing the game for long periods.

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This is a fun, albeit short game that uses the Oculus Rift to bring a miniature Scalextrics set to life. It’s use of head-tracking to aim at road junctions and buttons works well, and the concept as a whole is interesting. With more polish and additional levels Car Car Crash has the potential to be great addition to the Oculus Rift library. For now it’s a fun diversion with a clever gameplay concept that’s worth checking out.

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