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Hands on with Push for Emor

Upcoming RPG promises epic sci-fi gaming on the Oculus Rift.

Take the Elder Scrolls series, then set it space and you’ll get a good idea of how Push for Emor plays and works. It’s a massive RPG, spread across 11 planets and played from a first person perspective. It’s also rather addictive, with unique quests that challenge you to clear out areas, control vehicles and venture into space itself.

The alpha version is available to download from The Rift Arcade Downloads, and although buggy and clearly still work-in-progress, it’s shaping up to be a beautiful and expansive game. After the initial loading screen you’ll find yourself on-board the deck of a vast space station. From here you can upgrade weapons, assemble teams and generally relax in-between missions. It’s also where you’ll find the first quest, which leads you down to the planet’s surface where the game really begins. From here a small town can be explored which contains AI characters who hand out quests, while further afield lies a vast landscape that’s best navigated via hover ships and mechs.

Quests are handed out via text-based descriptions which appear hovering in front of each quest giver. The text can be hard to read over bright backgrounds, however, which meant we often skipped through quest descriptions rather than take the time to soak in the details. Early missions see you battling AI droids, gathering resources and exploring dark caves, before you’re soon heading back off-world to navigate the depths of space itself via your very own spacecraft. There’s a lot to see, with plenty of varied locations that prevent the game from becoming repetitive.

Controlling the game takes some time to learn, with both on-foot controls and vehicle-based controls to master. An in-game inventory is also used to let you assign multiple weapons and objects to keyboard shortcuts. We found the mouse and keyboard to work best, but with so many controls and shortcuts we often had to lift the Oculus Rift headset to peek at the keyboard below.

VR integration with the Oculus Rift is nice, with a good sense of scale and a buttery smooth frame rate. The ability to aim down the gun sight via the right mouse button is a great way to blast away foes, and with head movement de-coupled from the mouse you can look around while walking in a straight line. In short, the Oculus Rift lets enables you to really get immersed in the world of Push for Emor.

We’ve already mentioned that there are glitches in this current demo, but that’s to be expected with an alpha release.  Nevertheless we found ourselves getting stuck on objects, jumping between various vehicles instead of exiting them, and getting lost in-between quests, but these issues never distract from the sheer fun of exploring an alien world while blasting away foes.

There’s no set release date for Push for Emor, but with such a long list of ambitious gameplay features and locations, we’re not expecting the final release to come anytime soon. We’d definitely recommend checking out the alpha however, which can be downloaded via the link below.

Download Push for Emor Alpha  |  Push for Emor Website