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Hands-On with FlyInside FSX Beta 0.2

Latest beta adds graphical improvements and usability enhancements.

Flying a Boeing 737 in virtual reality is just as thrilling and immersive as we ever imagined, and it’s thanks to FlyInside FSX that this is possible on the Oculus Rift. Developed by Daniel Church, the game was initially launched as a Kickstarter campaign that went on to be wildly successful, raising $30,350 during its 30-day run.

Since the campaign ended Dan has been busy at work fixing bugs, improving features and making the overall experience even more polished than the earlier beta, and today beta 0.2 is available for all Kickstarter backers and those who preordered the game. Here’s a quick round-up of what you can expect in version 0.2:

  • Water rendering improvements
  • A new system for placing/moving virtual windows
  • The ability to resize virtual windows
  • FlyInside remembers where you put virtual windows. If you place a web-browser in part of your cockpit, next time you run FlyInside and open the browser, it’ll be in the right spot
  • You can now view the Leap Motion camera pass-through to look around the real world
  • A few random bug-fixes

We’ve been fortunate to have early access to the beta, and it’s a vast improvement. The game now has a longer series of opening instructions, explaining how FlyInside works and how to interact with in-game panels; water, rivers and oceans now render correctly, with a beautiful reflection that looks wonderful from 10,000 feet up; windows are now resizable, with a nice set of icons that can be dragged left and right to increase or shrink in-game windows; while other small improvements make everything easier to see, such as the mouse cursor which is now larger and clearer within the Rift headset.

Additionally, FlyInside FSX now supports the latest runtime alongside Windows 10, making the game available for all Rift players. This latest beta is a nice improvement over the alpha release, and it bodes well for the full and final release which is due in November 2015. If you haven’t already pre-ordered the game, or missed the initial Kickstarter campaign, then you can head over to the official website where access to the beta costs $65.00. However, it’s worth noting that the final release will have a lower price.

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