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Hands-on with 7 Nanocycles

I’m guessing that at some time or other you’ve probably had to think outside the box to solve a problem?

Yes? No? Actually it doesn’t really matter, because in 7 Nanocycles you’ll have to think inside the box to successfully make it through the game. That’s because 7 Nanocycles is all about defying gravity, and the only way to do that is to travel through cubes, rectangular boxes and other three-dimensional shapes as you pilot your way through each level.

There’s some basic rules to the way the world works: fly through shapes and you can change direction of the ship, but once outside your craft acts like a missile, flying straight in one direction until it enters another shape. Miss a shape and your craft slowly falls to the ground before it’s game over.

On start up you’ll now find yourself in some sort of cockpit with a basic menu. I chose to fly with the XBox 360 controller (but you can use a mouse if you like) and with flying games I always invert Y (the pitch – but that’s my preference). The left thumbstick controls your general direction/ pitch, the right thumbstick allows you to roll left and right while the trigger buttons let you lean in the corresponding direction.

The whole environment does seem very Tron-like and futuristic, the graphics are very clean. The audio is very simple with a melody that plays throughout. I did give this quite a few plays as the minute you hit the ground its game over. Luckily if you have reached another level you can restart from that point, but if you shut the game down then relaunch it you will be back to level 1.

Flying in 7 Nanocycles is a surprisingly comfortable experience, while the tranquil music adds a relaxing atmosphere to the proceedings. All, in all, not bad! Definitely worth a go!

Download 7 Nanocycles