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GZ3Doom updated with VR and menu tweaks

The all-time classic shoot-em-up gets another update for the Oculus Rift.

Believe it or not, but the Doom games are amazing in VR. The sense of immersion is even greater when you’re wearing the Oculus Rift headset, and the low-resolution graphics are a perfect match for the blurry screen of the DK1. Cacodemons, Imps and Zombies have never felt more real than through the Rift, so when a fireball comes whooshing past your face you can almost feel its heat. We recently posted a retro games feature that delves deeper into the magic of classic shooters on the Rift. It’s well worth a read if you grew up playing Doom, Duke Nukem or Quake.

Today, Doom on the Rift got even better, because Rotating Penguin – the developer of GZ3Doom – has just released a brand new update that improves the experience in VR, specifically by making menus easier to read and by tweaking the games head-tracking.

Release 1.8.6_g:

  • Avoid camera problem when viewing Rift mode without an actual Oculus Rift attached.
  • Merge latest changes from gzdoom upstream
  • Apply late-scheduled head tracking, to reduce latency, to make menu viewing more comfortable, and to reduce nausea in doom mods that force head position.
  • Elevate per-eye camera shift from OpenGL-only, up to renderer camera, to avoid missed textures in culling.
  • Reset pitch and roll when leaving rift mode.

You can grab this latest release here.

To use GZ3Doom in Oculus Rift mode:

  • Download GZ3Doom
  • Set video mode to 1920×1080 (preferred) or 1280×800 (the native resolution of the Oculus Rift).
  • Press “+” until no status bar remains.
  • Activate Oculus Rift mode by typing in the zdoom console: vr_mode 8