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Guided Meditation VR launches on Oculus Store

Relax in virtual reality with this calming experience app.

Back in 2014 we checked out Guided Meditation, a serene and beautiful VR experience that let players relax and experience a while new world in virtual reality. Now, nearly two years later, the developers behind the experience have launched the app on the Oculus Store for the Gear VR, with an Oculus Rift version coming soon.

Guided Meditation VR transports users to four breathtaking environments — an autumnal forest, a Japanese village, the tropical island beach, and a snow peak in the arctic — allowing users to rest in immersive, exotic locations. No add-ons needed, just use the built-in elements of your Samsung Gear VR and any Samsung 2015-’16 phone to gain greater control of your body through natural measure.

Guided Meditation VR’s usage ranges from escaping the everyday, to pain management, pre/postoperative anxiety, therapy, senior care, among others, making its lasting effects limitless. Meditation content is fully customizable, drawing from Zen, Compassion, or Relaxation series crafted by leading experts. Within each location, users can find four different meditation spaces, making for a total of 16 unique relaxation areas, with additional free environment and mediation content to be released monthly.

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  • july 6th : can’t find it for the rift . only for gear vr

    • Yeah not a fuckin surprise. We bought the most expensive system and yet they release a shitload of content for the gear vr but not for the rift. I wonder what the fuck is going on in their minds. Everytime I open the “experiences” page I see new stuff for the gear vr and I get mad. 3 months later “Guided Meditation” is still not coming on the rift.