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FlyInside FSX Beta 0.1 Released

Less than a month after its Kickstarter successfully ended, the beta release of FlyInside FSX has been released.

It’s an impressive achievement, with plenty of technical improvements that further enhance the experience of playing Microsoft Flight Simulator X on the Oculus Rift. Compiled using the latest Oculus SDK means Windows 10 support alongside Oculus SDK is also included. Here’s a full run-down of the additions and tweaks included in Beta 0.1:

  • Greatly reduces memory usage, good-bye OOMs
  • Eliminates several memory corruption bugs
  • Improves Mission support
  • Improves 3rd Party Aircraft Compatibility
  • Improves hardware compatibility
  • Adds log-files to help track down issues
  • Joystick input no longer breaks randomly on Windows 8.1 (FSX)
  • Clouds no longer spin when looking around (P3D)
  • Flight panels such as ATC or Radio Stack now appear in-cockpit (Pro)
  • Adds In-Cockpit Virtual Desktop (Pro)
  • Adds Leap Motion integration (Pro)
  • Access FSX/P3D menu in-cockpit (Pro)

The full beta can be downloaded by visiting the FlyInside FSX website. A limited beta is also available for anyone who hasn’t backed or preordered the game, and with both 4K  and asynchronous timewarp support is a seriously impressive experience. You can find out more by reading either our recent hands-on with the game or our interview with its developer Daniel Church.

FlyInside FSX Website  |  Download FlyInside FSX Beta