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Final version of UE4 Rollercoaster released

UE4 Rollercoaster Oculus Rift Featured

We’ve been following the progress of UE4 Rollercoaster for quite some time. It was initially released back in April, after developer Teddy0k added a simple track and physics system to the Unreal Engine 4 Realistic Room demo. Over the following months he adjusted the track layout, implemented a custom physics engine, updated it with DK2 support and even added a “jump” in the track which threw players over and through a lampshade.

Now he’s back with the final version, released yesterday on the Oculus Development forum. Here’s the change-log for version 1.0:

  • Updated to Unreal Engine v4.4.1
  • Added fixed timestep simulation to physics to ensure rollercoaster behaves the same at any frame rate
  • Added an option to lock the camera’s pitch to the track (press c)
  • Some more optimizations

We’d highly recommend enabling the camera pitch setting (press c when in-game), because it heightens the sense of motion immensely. However, those who suffer even the slightest motion sickness when playing the Rift might want to leave it off.

Download UE4 Rollercoaster v1

  • jddonba

    OK, just got the actual Rift, wanted to see this demo but its only playing on my computer monitor, not the rift?

  • Vertutame Kraikha

    yeah,it’s not working on the rift.