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EVERSPACE smashes its Kickstarter goal

Congratulations to the team at ROCKFISH Games, who have smashed their Kickstarter goal with 9 days to go!

It’s an impressive achievement for this space shooter game with Oculus Rift support, with an original target goal of €225,000. So what’s made this game stand out from the crowd? Perhaps the teams existing experience with space shooters, who have developed the Galaxy on Fire series of games over the last decade; or maybe it’s the visually astonishing graphics promised for EVERSPACE, which are powered by the Unreal Engine and promise to let players blast their way through massive space battles, asteroid fields and more.

Whatever the reason, we’re delighted to see the game make it’s Kickstarter goal. If you haven’t already backed the game then there’s still time to get involved with the action by heading over to the EVERSPACE Kickstarter page. €20 gets a digital copy of the game on release, €35 lets you play the beta and listen to the soundtrack, while €7,000 or more lets you visit the studio, chat to the CEO on Skype, receive a hand-signed postcard and more.

EVERSPACE Kickstarter Page  | Official EVERSPACE Website

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