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Elite: Dangerous unlikely to get Oculus 0.7 Support

Elite Dangerous Oculus Viper Featured

Epic space game stuck in 2D for the foreseeable future.

We’ve been a huge champion of Elite: Dangerous on the Oculus Rift ever since we first laid our eyes on its spare-faring wonder in 2014. Thanks to VR, an entire universe comes to life on the Rift, one that’s explorable via your very own spacecraft (or fleet of spacecraft if  you really get into the game).

Unfortunately, however, we’re unlikely to see support for both the Oculus runtime and Windows 10. Revealed just hours ago in the official Elite: Dangerous forum, the development team updated the community with the news that neither they nor technicians from Oculus can get the game to work on the latest SDK. It’s surprising news, especially given how fantastic Elite is to play in virtual reality — the medium literately transforms the game into one of the most immersive and impressive gaming experiences ever created.

So, if you’re a current Elite: Dangerous gamer, and haven’t updated to either Windows 10 or the Oculus 0.7 runtime, we’d advise holding off for now. Fingers crossed the game works with the eventual Oculus 1.0 runtime release, because if not the Rift has lost one of its best experiences to date.

UPDATE: Frontier Support has confirmed that the game will support the Oculus 1.0 Runtime:

  • vim4n4

    There are workarounds for windows 10 users to allow usage of the 0.5 runtime, but it can be tricky.

  • jefferyebond

    I was waiting for the horizons expansion to buy this game for use with my DK2.  If they can’t get it working on the rift in windows 10, I think I will skip this one.

  • AaronSingleton

    Does anyone know where I can find a 0.6 runtime file?  I just got my DK2 today and the only runtime available on the Occulus site is 0.7.

  • Contrabardus
  • viniciusvvideira

    jefferyebond  This game is an “must have” for all oculus rift owners. Best experience an very complete game with full immersion. It worth every cent. If you dint bought yet, please buy it. Dont wait for the expansion. You wont regret.

  • Ybalrid

    jefferyebond It works now that they implemented SteamVR in it. And since SteamVR is compatible with DK2 (they circumvented the problem that prevented them tu use direct rendering to through the Oculus Runtime this way…)

  • Ybalrid

    vim4n4 It’s actually not needed now. Install SteamVR beta from steam, launch it, it will detect the Rift as a usable HMD. Then inside Elite graphical seting, just put “HMD with headphones” as the “3D” setting and done.