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Elite Dangerous gets official Oculus Rift support March 28

Universe sim coming to the Oculus Store and consumer headset on launch.

After more than two years of playing Rift games for this site, Elite Dangerous still remains my favourite experience to date. It’s not just the scale of the game, where literately hundreds of thousands of planets, stars and more can be explored, but it’s sense of scale and sheer immersion that comes when wearing the Oculus Rift headset. The biggest downside? Struggling to read the UI and menu text on the relatively low-resolution DK2 headset.

Now, with its higher-resolution displays and better tracking, all our niggles are going to be fixed with the official Rift support that’s coming March 28th. We’ve suspected it was on its way for some time, because although Frontier Developments hadn’t officially spoken about how and if Rift support would be included, David Braben, founder of Frontier, had said that the company was “working closely” with Oculus.

So how is Rift support going to be implemented? In short via a minor release patch. That means all existing customers will get Rift support (both direct purchases and Steam), while the Oculus Store release will come with native support from day one. It’s great news for both current and future fans, and we genuinely can’t wait to re-visit the game on the Oculus Rift headset.

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