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Elite Dangerous: Arena brings PvP space action to the Rift

Elite Dangerous just got a whole lot more violent, in Elite Dangerous: Arena.

Want to blast apart other players in outer space? Elite Dangerous: Arena, released today on Steam for $7.50/£4.99, lets you do exactly that. It’s PvP multiplayer dogfighting in space, with the ability to choose and customize your very own ship. Think EVE: Valkyrie, but within the Elite Dangerous universe, and you’ll get the idea.

Free for existing players (available via the Close Quarter Combat option in the games menu), Elite Dangerous: Arena is an exciting release for anyone that’s yet to try this epic MMO on the Oculus Rift. Here’s the description available on Steam:

Fly agile fighters and go head-to-head against the galaxy’s greatest pilots in PVP dogfights – easy to pick up controls reward your developing skills with more to master for that ultimate combat edge. Choose your ship, customise your load out and prepare for instant Arena-based action to earn the right to become Elite.

Elite Dangerous: Arena brings Elite Dangerous’ Close Quarter Combat (CQC) PVP game to players as a standalone release, featuring full cross-compatibility with the large and growing Elite Dangerous player community.