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Edge of Nowhere launches Monday 6th June

Launch trailer reveals horror gameplay and action.

Looking for the next amazing VR experience for your Oculus Rift? Edge of Nowhere might be just what you’re looking for. Developed by Insomniac Games it’s a third-person action game (think Uncharted meets Lost Planet) with amazing graphics, gameplay and story; oh, and plenty of horror.

The game is set in the treacherous mountains of Antarctica, where an expedition has gone missing and it’s the players job to try and locate the team.  With its alien monsters, sci-fi happenings and frozen landscapes, the game looks a lot darker and more story-focused than we initially led to believe. Expect to encounter Cthulhu-style creatures in dark cave systems, all from a third-person perspective.

Edge of Nowhere launches Monday 6th June on the Oculus Store. There’s no price yet, but we’re expecting it to be around the $40 range. To find out more head over to the games official website, linked below.

Official Website

  • Julian Chavez

    OMG! this looks awesome! , cant wait to play it on my V i v e 🙂