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Dreams Before Dawn is a spellbinding experience on the DK2

Need to relax for 20 minutes? Let Dreams Before Dawn whisk you away on a magical, ethereal journey.

For nearly 20 years, fantasy artist Jurgen Ziewe has been creating cover art for some of the most popular science fiction book authors. Being one of the first artists to use 3D computer imagery, he managed to create some highly original and striking images that are still easily recognised today. Now, with the possibilities of VR finally becoming reality, Jurgen has decided to take advantage of this new medium by creating an explorable 3D environment with dream-like qualities, in Dreams Before Dawn.

This isn’t a game; you can’t control the movement of the camera, shoot at things or solve any puzzles. Instead it’s an experience where the player sits back, relaxes and enjoys the atmosphere and art. There’s a lot to see, with beautiful statues, animated wildlife, some lush foliage and some epic alien landscapes. This is one of those demos where you want to take a screenshot, just to capture the colour and imagination on display. It’s not an experience for action gamers, however. This is a slow, thoughtful demo that takes its time, and the second half simply loops back to the beginning point. Nevertheless, if you’re interested in fantasy art or alien landscapes then this is definitely a demo that’s worth checking out.

Technically it’s not perfect. The frame rate struggles near the beginning of the experiences, there’s some clipping issues – especially around the waters edge, and some smudgy textures can be seen, but that’s okay, because at times Dreams Before Dawn reminds us of the alien landscapes from The Elder Scrolls IV: Shivering Isles expansion pack; and that’s high praise, because we love anything Elder Scrolls related.

Download Dreams Before Dawn (Windows)