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Dragon Front Preview

“There was a time between the waning age of enchantment and the dawning age of logic when dragons ruled the skies….”

Anyone out there remember that line? Well if not, it was from The Flight of Dragons – a straight-to-video animated film from 1982 that happens to be pretty awesome. Well after that brief nostalgic moment, let’s get down to business….

Despite having the word “Dragon” in its title, from the beta version that I previewed I didn’t actually come across any dragons. Now, of course this is not the finished version and I only tried one battle, so I’m still expecting to see dragons in the completed version.

Let me firstly start by saying Role Playing Games are not my preferred genre of gaming, however, Dragon Front left me pleasantly surprised.

If any of you were born in the late 70’s/ early 80’s you may remember a kind of boardgame by the name of Crossbows and Catapults?  Yes? No?  Well if yes then this reminds me of a digitsed VR version of that board game.  If not, but you’re still a fan of RPG’s and board games, then I think you will find this entertaining.

Although not complete and still in beta stage, its quite polished.  Brought to you by High Voltage (the peeps who created Damaged Core) this creates a fantasy realm in which you must select your cards and position on the board that you see in front of you to dish out all manor of damaged to the opposing forces.

From a VR perspective you can get up and walk around but its very limited at the moment due to the Rift’s tracking area (it gives you the same type of feel as though you’re playing chess when you look over the board – it’s that type of perspective).  The models are well done and there is attention to detail on each one that has been implemented so far.  The audio is also very well done with a superb voice-over which instructs you on how to apply your cards and position on the board.

This is definitely a game to keep an eye on when its released.

If you purchased Damaged Core when Oculus had the offer on, you would have been granted access to the Beta version of Dragon front.