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Discovering>Space 2 launches as Early Access for the Oculus Rift

Sequel to popular space game for the Oculus Rift launches today.

Originally launched for the DK1 and DK2 headsets in 2014, Discovering>Space let players check out the planets and moons of our Solar System up-close and in vast detail. Now the game is back with all new graphics, models, features and support for the CV1 headset.

Released today priced $13.99, Discovering>Space 2 is available at The Rift Arcade Downloads in Early Access form. That means you can suggest ideas and assets for the final game, get additional versions as they’re released for no extra cost and help the games developer – Simon Phillips – fund and create the game. Last week we went hands-on with the first alpha release and came away impressed by sheer sense of spectacle and scale. There’s a lot to see, and some really clever features including light that shifts spectrum depending on how fast your ship is travelling.

Here’s a quick round-up of the features included in the Early Access release:

  •  Planetary detail – terrain, textures, atmosphere, all through new custom shaders. See Earth and Moon, Mars and Titan for examples of what is to come for all the other planets and moons.
  • Graphical detail – optimisations enable cranking up rendering sub-sampling (which has a profound effect on DK2).
  • Audio richness – engines, ship, environment and background music all improved.
  • Planet sizes more correct, distances much larger.
  • Cockpit displays / HUD enable easier navigation.
  • Propulsion model enhanced (to cope with the larger distances).
  • Near speed of light effects – Red shift, view contraction and “headlight” effect.
  • Jump gates / hyperspace effects enhanced.
  • Re-entry effects through the atmosphere.
  • Subtle sunset and sunrise when in orbit around a planet.
  • General polish, feel and thrill to the experience.

You can download Discovering>Space 2 today by heading over to this link where the game is currently priced $13.99.