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Discovering > Space gets a new Solar System to explore

Discovering Space Release 2 3

Just 10 days after its initial release, Discovering > Space gets a new Solar System to explore.

That’s not all, because the new release also includes a voice over for the in-game scanner/information display, plus bug fixes and control remapping. The new alien Solar System isn’t exactly a friendly place to visit. In its centre is a dying star; one that’s reddened by age and threatening to look it. It’s orbiting planets are now smouldering lumps of rock that have been devastated by the death throes of the star. While visiting this new Solar System you might also spot a fleet of ships that are making their way outwards and away from the ruins of their home. It’s fascinating addition to the game.

Existing buyers can download this new release by logging into The Rift Arcade Market then heading to the Download History page. From there they simply need to click on the Discovering > Space file link. For everyone else, the game is priced just $12.99, and available for Windows users with an Oculus Rift DK2 headset. You can also sample a demo version of the game that’s limited to Each and the Moon.

In our recent review of the game we praised its graphics, amount of content and atmosphere. In fact, this is probably our favourite game to date for the Oculus Rift. It’s the perfect example of how virtual reality can be used to transport gamers to another world, and its educational content is just icing on the cake.

Download Discovering > Space

  • Waynosan

    You mean Earth and the moon in the demo, correct?

  • levij83