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Crashed Lander updated with Oculus 0.7 Runtime support

Classic space-faring puzzle game gets Oculus Runtime support.

We’ve been a huge fan of Crashed Lander since early 2014 when support for the Oculus Rift DK1 was added. It’s a wonderful puzzle game set in space which tasks the player with touching down on various landing pads before they can continue on to the next level. Sounds simple, but with rotating objects, AI foes and truly alien level designs Crashed Lander quickly becomes a challenging and fun game.

Now support for Windows 10 and the latest Oculus Runtime has been added in the latest beta release, along with improved graphics and tweaked physics to bring the game up to date with the latest technologies. Here’s the full change-log:

  • Updated game engine from Unity 4 to Unity 5.
  • Updated to version 2.6.
  • Convex mesh colliders on all game objects.
  • Re-configured all active objects with Physics based joints and springs.
  • Tri-planar shaders on all terrains – no more texture stretching.
  • New version of the Outside In level.
  • Oculus Rift is now detected automatically. Use ‘Play On Rift’ launch option until the beta makes it to the main branch.
  • Fixed problems with cursor on pause menu.
  • New fog effect on Jungle Fog levels.

To opt into the beta you only need to right-click on the game from your Steam library, choose Properties then enable beta releases. Priced just $4.99/£3.99, Crashed Lander is an affordable game with bags of content. It really is a fantastic third-person puzzle game, and well worth checking out if you’re short on Rift content at the moment.

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