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CINEVEO update adds a live multiplayer audience

Last month we reviewed CINEVEO and found it to be the best way to watch video content on the Rift.

Today the app received a significant update that adds a great new feature: a multiplayer audience. It works exactly as described, automatically displaying audience members in the 4D Theater theme who sit in their seats watching the movie alongside you. These companions represent real-time CINEVEO users from around the world, but what’s even cooler is that the app uses head-tracking to let you look at another audience member as they look right back at you.

Because the audience is made up of other users who are watching their own video files, no one is actually watching the same film on the big screen. That’s a weird concept to get your head around, but it works, and it’s better than sitting in an empty theater by yourself. However, whenever someone quits the app they instantly disappear from their seat, which makes for a disconcerting experience as people warp in and out of their seats.

Here’s the full change-log for version 0.9.9 BETA:

  • Added a live multiplayer audience to the 4D Movie Theater theme. Every CINEVEO user around the world, who is currently watching a movie in the 4D Movie Theater, will show up as a member of the audience sitting somewhere in the movie theater. You can even observe the head movements of each CINEVEO user in real-time. Knowing the audience is made up of real humans, instead of computer generated characters, greatly increases the level of immersion. This is only the beginning of the multiplayer features we plan to add! A VR text chat with a unique hands-free interface is coming next.
  • Three different human audience characters. More will be added.
  • [ A ] key disables the multiplayer audience.
  • Fixed bug that breaks the 4D ambient lighting when switching to a flat cinema screen.

You can download this latest version of CINEVEO from The Rift Arcade Market, priced $10. Existing customers can grab the build by logging into the website then visiting the Download History page.

Buy and download CINEVEO (Windows/DK2)

  • ChristianBaldwin

    Wow, I just bought it and had no idea those were actual people represented as avatars! Nice job guys, can’t wait to see what you come up with next! $10 well spent!