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CINEVEO features unique hands-free UI

Developer Sven Kohn has released version 0.9 of his movie theatre software Cineveo.

This isn’t the first cinema simulator, you might remember the now year-old VR Cinema, an immersive demo that places the viewer in a fully 3D cinema hall with fantastic sense of presence and scale. Sven’s version, however, adds a unique user interface that uses the participants head movement to toggle switches and settings. It’s hard to explain, so check out the video above to see it in action, but in short the user must slide the centre of their view across a row of three buttons to confirm actions. The menus have a Star Trek-inspired design that’s perhaps unfortunate, but this method of control is inspiring, unique and works surprisingly well. We can see this implementation being used in other VR games and demos in the near future.

Apart from the unique menu system, Cineveo features some other clever features. Most notable is it’s VR environments, which include a space theme, lonely island and haunted house (only the former is available in this beta version). Each includes high-resolution 3D textures and models, dynamic lighting cast from the cinema screen and support for a wide variety of video formats.

It’s not all roses, however, as CINEVEO has only been released in it’s beta form after 10 people contributed towards it’s development via the software’s website. As more contribute towards the project Sven is offering to add more features and remove a small green watermark. We’d rather have seen a more open and honest donation option to help fund it’s development.

• Compatible with all movie formats (AVI, MP4, MOV, WMV, etc.)
• Innovative hands-free controls (no mouse, keyboard or hydra needed)
• High-res 3D models, environments and textures
• Dynamic lighting from the cinema screen (brightness and color)
• Curved and distortion free cinema screen for greater immersion
• Included space cinema theme (more themes coming soon)