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  • Combat Air Patrol 2 Review

    After watching Top Gun yet again, I had the urge to don my Oculus CV1, climb into my Obutto cockpit (complete with Xrocker gaming chair and flight controls) and engage in battle over Hormuz….. Back in 1993 […]

  • ADR1FT Review on Oculus Rift

    No one can hear you suck O2 canisters in space.   Remember that scene in Gravity when Sandra Bullock is somehow managing to survive as the International Space Station is destroyed around her, sending millions of lethal fragments […]

  • Ultimate Booster Review on Oculus Rift

    An extreme thrill-ride turns deadly in this short but effective experience for the Oculus Rift. Take Cyberspace, the classic Pendulum ride simulator for the Rift, update it visually then add a crazy twist to the end and you’ve summed […]

  • The Visitor Review

    An unsettling but brief horror experience on the Oculus Rift. Virtual reality is the perfect medium for horror. With a sealed headset the participant is fully immersed within the games environment, while the stereoscopic graphics bring a […]

  • VROOM: Galleon Review

    Yarr! Explore an action-packed pirate world in this dioramic game for the Oculus Rift. There aren’t many games like VROOM: Galleon. It’s a miniature open-world style game where everything can be interacted with, and not in ways […]

  • Korix Review on Oculus Rift

    The tower defense genre has yet to be fully exploited in virtual reality. It’s a curious omission, given the Oculus Rift’s ability to let the player lean in and around to get a better look at the […]

  • Colosseum VR Review on Oculus Rift

    Explore the Colosseum and ancient Rome in this educational, if technically lacking Oculus Rift experience. Back in August we reviewed Dino VR, an educational virtual reality experience that enables the participant to explore a island packed with […]

  • Euclidean Review on Oculus Rift

    It’s a slow fall into the geometric madness of hell. Ever have that nightmare where you’re falling endlessly through a surreal world of geometric shapes, nightmarish sounds and threatening shadows? Well that pretty much describes Euclidean. It’s part game, […]

  • VR Dinos Oculus Rift game Featured

    Dino VR review on Oculus Rift

    Ever wanted to meet a Tyrannosaurus Rex? Well you can’t, because they’ve been extinct for 65 million years (sorry to break the bad news). But now, with Dino VR, you can finally meet a T-Rex in virtual reality […]

  • Gon E Choo Oculus Rift game featured

    Gon’ E-Choo! Review

    Gon’ E-Choo! brings classic arcade gaming to virtual reality on the Oculus Rift. If you’re old enough to remember inserting coins into arcade machines during the 80s and 90s, then you’re likely to fall in love with Gon’ E-Choo! On […]

  • Jump Oculus Rift Featured Game 2

    JUMP Review

    Prepare to get sweaty hands with the vertigo-inducing JUMP for Oculus Rift. Heights. It’s the stuff of nightmares for most, the idea of standing on a ledge and looking down into a vast chasm of space; or […]

  • Asunder Earthbound Review

    “Why are you reviewing Asunder Earthbound?” I hear you say. “It’s not exactly a new release!” You’d be right, of course… That’s because Asunder originally came out in late 2013, before The Rift Arcade had even been launched. […]

  • Radial-G July 2015

    Radial-G Review on Oculus Rift

    Ever since its reveal in 2014, Radial-G has promised to bring action-packed sci-fi racing to the Oculus Rift; and it has succeeded. This is a game where the player pilots hovering race craft that rush along tubular tracks that twist […]