Oculus Rift Games Previews

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  • Dragon Front Preview

    “There was a time between the waning age of enchantment and the dawning age of logic when dragons ruled the skies….” Anyone out there remember that line? Well if not, it was from The Flight of Dragons […]

  • Hands on with Go For Launch: Mercury

    Experience the first manned mission to space in this recreation of the Mercury launch. On May 5th 1961 the first American manned space mission blasted off from Cape Canaveral, Florida. Piloted by astronaut Alan Shepard, the 15-minute mission […]

  • Hat Trick Header Preview on Oculus Rift

    Use your head to bounce footballs at targets in this polished and fun game. It’s the “beautiful game”, followed by billions around the world with a passion rarely seen by any other sport. We’re talking about football, […]

  • ChromaGun Preview on Oculus Rift DK2

    Use paint, colours and your wits to navigate a series of lab experiments in this innovative first-person puzzle game. Before we go any further there’s an elephant in the room that we need to address: ChromaGun looks and feels remarkably similar to […]

  • Hands-on with Obliteration

    You’re a contestant on the biggest TV reality show in the galaxy, tasked with solving puzzles on platforms in outer space. That’s the premise behind Obliteration, a third-person platformer for desktop PCs and the Oculus Rift that features platforming […]

  • ​Hands on with Dimensional on the Oculus Rift

    ​What happens when a Rift developer designs an puzzle game around physically standing, walking and ducking? You get Dimensional. Launched as a Kickstarter campaign (with a fully-featured demo available for everyone to try), the concept of moving around […]

  • Hands on with Negotiator VR

    Resolve a hostage crisis using wits and skill in this tense prototype game for the Oculus Rift. The terrorist is pacing the plane, and he’s losing patience. He’s surrounded, and desperate to escape. We’re biding time, telling […]

  • Hands on with Push for Emor

    Upcoming RPG promises epic sci-fi gaming on the Oculus Rift. Take the Elder Scrolls series, then set it space and you’ll get a good idea of how Push for Emor plays and works. It’s a massive RPG, […]

  • Hands-on with Fated on the Oculus Rift

    The Rift Arcade gets hands-on with upcoming VR adventure game Fated. There’s not much we can tell you about Fated right now. Current in production at Frima Studios, it’s an episodic first-person action adventure game designed specifically […]

  • Hands-on with MushroomBallVR

    Monkey Ball meets Mario in this wacky and colorful platformer. Coming to Kickstarter today is perhaps the most colorful and wacky platformer we’ve seen for the Oculus Rift to date. Played from either a third or first […]

  • Hands-On with FlyInside FSX Beta 0.2

    Latest beta adds graphical improvements and usability enhancements. Flying a Boeing 737 in virtual reality is just as thrilling and immersive as we ever imagined, and it’s thanks to FlyInside FSX that this is possible on the Oculus […]