• Hands on with Push for Emor

    Upcoming RPG promises epic sci-fi gaming on the Oculus Rift. Take the Elder Scrolls series, then set it space and you’ll get a good idea of how Push for Emor plays and works. It’s a massive RPG, […]

  • Waking The Glares Oculus Rift Featured

    Hands-on with Waking The Glares

    First person puzzles games are the perfect fit on the Oculus Rift. They enable the player to take their time and explore their surroundings, which is exactly what we enjoy doing in virtual reality. Waking the Glares […]

  • Discovering Space Featured Rift Arcade

    Discovering > Space Review

    Discovering > Space is a game that’s all about exploration. There’s no action, shooting or explosions, just sightseeing on an epic scale; and yet we can’t stop playing. It’s the kind of game that’s perfectly suited to […]

  • Elite: Dangerous

    Play your way Whether you want to trade for profit between systems, take part in multiplayer mission alliances, free-for-all group battles and team raids to bring down planetary economies. Tip the balance of power in the galaxy, or […]

  • Earth: Year 2066

    Earth: Year 2066 is a first person sci-fi apocalyptic open-world game where your main aim is to survive. Set in post-apocalyptic future, you take on the role as a survivor of a nuclear war between USA and […]

  • Minecrift

    Minecraft is literately a gaming phenomenon, enabling players to build or destroy entire worlds. Then hide from zombies at night. Minecrift is a fantastic port that brings the game to life like never before in full virtual […]