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  • The Little Plane Could Oculus Rift DK2 Featured

    Download The Little Plane That Could

    This charming third-person flight game sees factions of dinky planes battle it out in a virtual sky. Developed by Bram Stolk, The Little Plane That Could is a homage to the aerial battles that took place over England […]

  • SUBLEVEL ZERO gets DK2 support

    If you ever played Descent back in the 90’s, then you’ll love SUBLEVEL ZERO. It’s clearly inspired by the Descent series, enabling players to explore a labyrinth of corridors and rooms with 360-degree freedom of movement. Oh, […]

  • Crashed Lander Review

    There aren’t many games that are hard to put down, but this is one of them. It’s truly addictive. There’s just something about its game DNA that prevents you from looking away or putting the controller down. […]

  • Faceted Flight on Oculus Rift

    Faceted Flight Hands-On

    Part flight-sim, part racer, Faceted Flight has blasted out of nowhere onto the VR landscape. It’s made quite the impact already, especially on The Rift Arcade team; and it’s easy to see why, because this colourful, death-defying game […]

  • Ambient Flight

    Fly as a Golden Eagle or Peregrine Falcon in this serene flight simulator from Wild Child Games. The Oculus Rift is all about immersion. About giving you a sense of place and time that doesn’t exist. Which […]

  • Volo Airsport

    Ever wanted to fall from the sky while wearing a wing suit? Many of us would, but only a fraction would actually go through with it, which is why Volo Airsport on the Oculus Rift is so […]

  • Darkfield VR: Preview and Interview

    Ever since the original Star Wars movie was unleashed upon audiences worldwide, gamers have wanted to fly their own starship through laser filled battles, asteroid belts and planet atmospheres. It led to titles such as X-Wing, Wing […]

  • Elite: Dangerous

    Play your way Whether you want to trade for profit between systems, take part in multiplayer mission alliances, free-for-all group battles and team raids to bring down planetary economies. Tip the balance of power in the galaxy, or […]