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Black Hat Oculus challenges 2 players to survive a trap-filled maze

Does anyone remember Knightmare?

It was a classic British TV show that ran from 1987 to 1994, one which challenged four contestants to explore and survive a virtual reality castle. One of the contestants was sightless (via a huge helmet on their head), and was aided around the castle remotely by the other three. Using early blue screen techniques and CGI, the show quickly became a cult classic watched by millions of British children.

Black Hat Oculus is similar in many ways, tasking two players with navigating a virtual maze. One player dons an Oculus Rift, while the other oversees their progress on a regular 2D monitor, and can guide them around trapdoors, turrets and traps. At certain points the overseer won’t be able to see into a room until the Oculus Rift player has disabled security systems or entered a passcode, making the experience riveting for both players.

It’s a highly original concept, and deeply rooted in two-player cooperative gameplay. As a result, players won’t be able to experience Black Hat Oculus on their own, making it a social experience better suited to groups of friends or arcade environments.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running to cover the development cost of the game. Set at a modest $4,200, it’s a realistic goal that’s likely to be met by the October 12th 2014 deadline. There are various pledge rewards for those who wish to back the game; $10 gets you the full game plus Steam key (if the game is Greenlit), $25 lets you name an enemy and even write a description of its life, $50 gets you beta access, and $1,000 or more gets you the title of Executive Producer, enabling you to take part in meetings, emails, beta testing, and even share a pizza with the team if you based in Boston USA.

You can play the original jam project build of the game on both the Oculus Rift DK1 and DK2 by clicking this link. It’s well worth a try if you have a local network running between two computers.

Black Hat Kickstarter Page
Original Jam demo for DK1 and DK2

  • RickCody

    Hey Tom, thanks for the coverage! If readers go to our KickStarter page they can download the latest demo which allows users to play using one computer. The Rift player uses a 360 controller.

  • ChrisTrujillo

    This game no longer works for the DK2 due to a software update. Its in the read me file but i wanted to put it here so peopl edont waste time downloading it and trying to figure out why it doesnt work.