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Back to Dinosaur Island Part 2 Released for Rift DK2

The stunning and equally frightening Back to Dinosaur Island has a sequel!

Well, a sequel of sorts, because Back to Dinosaur Island Part 2 was today released on Steam. Developed by Crytek, and it utilizes the maps and assets from upcoming The Climb— combined with some new dinosaurs of course — to bring you an epic and hair-raising 6 minute experience on the Oculus Rift DK2.

We’ll bring you a full hands-on report soon, but for now click here to download the game yourself, or read on for the full description:

Return to Crytek’s Dinosaur Island and enjoy another glimpse into the developer’s exciting vision for VR. Back to Dinosaur Island Part 2 received a glowing reception when it was first shown to attendees at E3 2015 and has previously only been playable at select industry events. Now, gamers everywhere can sample the acclaimed VR demo firsthand – scaling a deadly cliff face as huge flying dinosaurs react to their presence and debris rains down from above. Mysterious landmarks on the horizon and stunning vistas on every side combine to immerse gamers in an entirely new reality.

Download Back to Dinosaur Island Part 2