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Back This: The Corridor: On Behalf Of The Dead

Solve the crimes of a suspected killer in this post apocalyptic FPS for the Oculus Rift.

From Desktop Daydreams Studios, an indie developer in the beautiful UK county of Yorkshire, comes a terrifying first-person sci-fi horror game for the Oculus Rift, and it’s available to back on Kickstarter today.

The Corridor: On Behalf Of The Dead is set after a cataclysmic event has devastated the world, where murder, assault and battery run rife. To cope with these endless series of crimes, the struggling survivors turn to an experimental form of justice where they enter the minds of suspected killers and try to solve the most devastating of crimes. It’s a fascinating concept, and perfectly suited for virtual reality where immersion is key.

So what can players expect to encounter in this unique take on sci-fi horror? Well the team is promising to include a variety of puzzles, some requiring physics to overcome while others taxing the brain with complicated riddles. The game will be heavily story-driven, dealing with themes including love, death, revenge and loss. But it also promises to let players tackle memories in a non-linear order, ensuring playthroughs will be different each time, and enabling multiple endings depending on the choices players make on their journey through the game.

You can back the game today over on Kickstarter, with a number of options to choose from. £10 gets you a digital copy of the game, whereas £20 gets you an additional soundtrack and digital art book. Pledge £150 and you’ll receive a 3D printed model of the HACK character from the game, but pledge £5,000 and you’ll get to meet the team for a day to see how they work, dine with them and receive all the rewards from lower-priced pledge tiers.

Unfortunately there’s no demo at the time of writing, but the team has recorded a brief snippet of footage from the Oculus Rift version which we’ve uploaded to our YouTube account, which gives you an idea of how the game looks and feels in VR:

The Corridor: On Behalf Of The Dead has already had a great response of Steam Greenlight, but still has some way to go before it reaches its Kickstarter goal of £37,5000 by September 1st. For now we suggest you get your pledge in while you can to ensure this ambitious-looking horror game makes it to the Oculus Rift. We’ll bring you a detailed hands-on report as soon as a playable build is available.

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