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Back This: Rose: Time Apart (with DK2 demo)

With two weeks to go until its Kickstarter campaign ends, the developers behind Rose: Time Apart need your help.

To give their campaign a boost they’ve just released an Oculus Rift DK2 demo on The Rift Arcade Market. It’s an alpha release, so has 2D GUI elements and only works with an controller, but the game looks fantastic in virtual reality and brings its creepy environments to life like never before.

So what makes Rose: Time Apart stand out from other Kickstarter campaigns? Well for one it’s a point-and-click game, emphasising the narrative and clue-finding aspects of its gameplay. Second, the game takes place in a seemingly abandoned house, locked up in the 1980’s after the death of its owner, Gilda Gudjohnsen, and the disappearance of her husband, Dr. Henry Gudjohnsen. 30 years later, Rose, the lead character, enters the house with two friends in search for clues and answers. It’s a fascinating story, and adds to the moody atmosphere of the game.

Developed by Cellar Door Interactive, and published by Corbomite games, the game has already been in development for two years for the OUYA console ( While chunks of the game are already completed, large sections are still made up of 2D drawings, so the team needs additional funding to finally complete the full game.

To help achieve their Kickstarter goal of $10,000, the team recently added Oculus Rift DK2 support, and released a demo which you can download here. Developer David Kanaan also had this to say about Rift support:

“We have already performed an experiment to implement virtual reality in the game and were astonished at how amazing the game looks and plays with Oculus Rift,” said Doron Kanaan, Rose developer. “The fact that the game is in real-time 3D, and the camera movement is not direct but pre-scripted, hits the sweet spot between the Rift’s amazing immersion and the feeling of unease many people experience when they directly control the camera with it.”

While we don’t agree that virtual reality gives people unease or nausea (the DK2 fixed that), the sense of immersion and exploring an abandoned house, is definitely aided by the Oculus Rift headset.

If Rose: Time Apart has peaked your interest then you have just two weeks to back the game. The team need your help with more than $7,000 left to raise, and are offering multiple pledge rewards to encourage those with a little extra cash.

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