Dominic Blaquiere

I'm 12 years old with 25 years experience of being 12. I am an avid Gamer and keeping up with technology is what I love the most. I am also a salsa dance instructor a couple of nights a week.

  • Dragon Front Preview

    “There was a time between the waning age of enchantment and the dawning age of logic when dragons ruled the skies….” Anyone out there remember that line? Well if not, it was from The Flight of Dragons […]

  • Combat Air Patrol 2 Review

    After watching Top Gun yet again, I had the urge to don my Oculus CV1, climb into my Obutto cockpit (complete with Xrocker gaming chair and flight controls) and engage in battle over Hormuz….. Back in 1993 […]

  • 7 Nanocycles Oculus Rift game 1

    Hands-on with 7 Nanocycles

    I’m guessing that at some time or other you’ve probably had to think outside the box to solve a problem? Yes? No? Actually it doesn’t really matter, because in 7 Nanocycles you’ll have to think inside the […]

  • Flying Aces VR Oculus Rift Featured

    Hands-on with Flying Aces VR

    Maverick! Goose! Get up here… we have a situation…. Ok, so it’s not Top Gun, more like Biggles, still, the feeling of flight combat is very much active in Ben Librojo’s Flying Aces VR. Right, lets fire away […]

  • Jump Oculus Rift Featured Game 2

    JUMP Review

    Prepare to get sweaty hands with the vertigo-inducing JUMP for Oculus Rift. Heights. It’s the stuff of nightmares for most, the idea of standing on a ledge and looking down into a vast chasm of space; or […]

  • Asunder Earthbound Review

    “Why are you reviewing Asunder Earthbound?” I hear you say. “It’s not exactly a new release!” You’d be right, of course… That’s because Asunder originally came out in late 2013, before The Rift Arcade had even been launched. […]