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Apollo 11 VR Experience launch trailer released

Brand new launch trailer reveals new segments and improved graphics.

We’ve been looking forward to Apolle 11 VR Experience for quite some time. Originally launched as a Kickstarter campaign in 2015, it manage to raise a total of €36,623 (comfortably beating it’s total goal of €30,000), has been since gone on to receive critical acclaim from across the web.

Now the team has released a brand-new trailer, with details on when we can expect the full experience to release. It’s going to miss the Oculus Rift’s launch date of March 28th, but not by much. In an email to Kickstarter backers, the development team at Immersive VR Education said:

“With the Oculus Rift being released on the 28th of this month we are doing everything we can to be included as a launch title but we still have some work to do first before our final build is submitted and approved. Apollo 11 VR will also be available in the Vive in a few weeks time and later on Playstation VR so no matter what platform you choose you will receive a download link that will work for you. 

For those who purchased access to receive the build 2 weeks early we do need to apologize as we have been working with Oculus release runtimes the past couple of months and the near finished experience will no longer work on runtime 0.8. We had to choose between building betas on 0.8 and older hardware or spending the time saved on getting the finished version ready on commercial hardware. We choose to get the commercial build complete as soon as possible and using the extra time to polish everything as much as we could. The net result is that everybody will get the experience earlier rather than later. 

If you only have access to a DK2 and don’t plan on upgrading your hardware don’t worry. We will be sure to create a build that will function for you post release.”

The game might miss the Oculus launch date by a few weeks, but the wait till be worth it judging by the latest trailer released today:

There’s clearly been a huge improvement to the presentation of the experience, with a more realistic-looking moon, better facial features on your fellow astronauts and improved lighting. It’s great to see such an impressive title get the polish and attention to detail that it deserves.

We hope to bring you a full review of the finished experience when it launches shortly after the Oculus Rift headset goes on sale. In the meantime make sure to check out our hands-on article with the earlier DK2 demo.

  • I had experienced the development and previous beta versions of Apollo 11 and was very impressed. Now it’s a paid product on steam with interactive sections it’s a stunning release. When you consider that Adr1ft is being used to showcase CV1 >> Apollo 11 is a much more valuable experience.

    Recommend it to anyone with VR.