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Ahros: One Warrior Chronicle coming to Oculus Rift

Fly a dragon, fire weapons and restore peace in this action-packed VR game.

What happens when you combine dragon flight, turret battles, gliders, mech battles and racing? You get Ahros: One Warrior Chronicle, an action-adventure game coming to Steam and the Oculus Rift September 29th. It sounds awfully ambitious, with lots to do and see. Here’s a YouTube video of the game in action:

With such a vast amount of promised content, the developers are initially launching the game in Steam Early Access, with promises to fine-tune it’s gameplay over the coming months. Initially only one location with six missions will be available on launch, with more coming at a later date. Nevertheless, Ahros: One Warrior Chronicle looks like an interesting and promising game, and we hope to bring you a hands-on in the near future.

Ahros: One Warrior Chronicle on Steam