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A Night at the Roculus is a brief but fun homage to the 90s

Feeling musical? Enjoy a bit of bopping and pecking?

A Night at the Roculus could be just what you need. You might look completely ridiculous while playing, but it’s so much fun you really won’t care. In short, it’s a simple rhythm game where you need to nod, peck and shrug your head in time to the classic “What is Love” by Haddaway.

The entire game takes place in the back of a car as it speeds its way through city streets. Both the driver and front passenger are wearing Oculus Rift headsets, as is – presumably – your character. In front of you is a floating display that tells you to nod, peck or shrug in time to the beat; you’ll see your current score and streak just below it.

Developed by Holden Link and Nic Vasconcellos, this is a short but incredibly fun demo for the Oculus Rift. However, it highlights one of the problems of wearing an Oculus Rift: any considerable head movement is sluggish with such a big piece of equipment on your head. So considering this game requires you to bob, peck and shrug your head, expect some soreness from the headset pressing down on your face. Additionally, the image can get quite blurry when your head is moving quickly, making it hard to see the next set of instructions.

Still, this is a really fun experience. The graphics are vibrant and colourful, the atmosphere is addictive, and there are some nice touches to the game, such as the Police car that’s tailgating the vehicle. You can download it today from Oculus Share, for both OS X and Windows.

Download Roculus from Oculus Share