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30 games launching with Oculus Touch in 2016

Blast, throw and interact your way through more than 30 games later this year.

Announced today at E3 is the exciting news that 30 games will be launching alongside the Oculus Touch controller this year.

A trailer (embedded below), reveals what we can expect to see and experience, with gameplay that includes throwing, shooting and interacting with in-game objects and characters. However, it’s worth noting that the footage in the trailer isn’t real, read the disclaimer at the end and you’ll see that “Gameplay footage contained herein is simulated and not actual gameplay”. Nevertheless, it should hopefully be a good indication of what game types and experiences we can expect to see when the Touch launches later this year.

Launch titles include Oculus Studios games like Insomniac’s Unspoken, Dead & Buried, Rock Band VR from Harmonix, VR Sports Challenge by Sanzaru, Crytek’s The Climb, as well as independent games like Serious Sam VR: The Last Hope by Croteam, Pro Fishing Challenge VR by Opus, I Expect You to Die by Schell Games, Luna by Funomena, Giant Cop by Other Ocean, Job Simulator by Owlchemy Labs, and Fantastic Contraption by Northway Games. Oculus Medium – a create app that enables users to sculpt and model – will also ship with the Touch controller.

  • boycotting due to exclusives

    boycotting due to exclusives

  • Sino

    I get the exclusive content concerns, thankfully that has fallen away so it is no longer a thing. What is a thing though, is them taking their sweet ass time making these controllers when the competitor has had something to offer from day 1~. I am waiting, but the waiting is painful.

    • David Napoleon

      I think they are waiting on the go ahead from the FCC. Controllers are done.